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"Mastering the Art of Grace: Seven Steps to Living Gracefully"

Grace can almost seem like a given when it is offered to you often. When we think about the cost of grace and the one who gives it. It should not be taken lightly. Grace is an unmerited gift. God gives grace to all when we find ourselves off the path of His will.

Grace is not to be looked upon as something we deserve in a sense of entitlement.


Maybe you are the one who struggles with receiving grace. You tend to beat yourself up. Cannot see how God could ever forgive you.

These 7 Steps will help you to live out life gracefully.


1. Don't dwell on the circumstance. If you find yourself in a situation that you didn't anticipate and might have hurt someone's feelings, remember that God's grace covers you. Don't let your heart convince you that you don't deserve grace. Replaying the situation in your mind only makes it worse.


2. Don't try too hard to receive grace. Grace is not something you can earn or a token system. Instead, it's about surrendering and receiving God's heart each day.


3. Don't be ashamed of receiving grace. It's an honor to receive it, and feelings of guilt may come from negative mindsets or the enemy.


4. Give grace to others. Practicing this will help you receive grace more easily.


5. Believe that grace is a step toward living out the purpose God called you to. It's okay to make mistakes and face challenges; giving yourself grace for these things will help you live a happier life.


6. Don't wallow in sorrow and guilt. Don't let negative feelings consume you. Instead, exercise positive thinking and be a warrior for God.


7. Don't compare yourself to others. Grace is not given to compare; it's given to share with others. Comparison steals time and keeps you from living a life of joy.



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