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"How Can Positive Affirmations Help Us Stay Encouraged and Motivated Every Day?"

Words have the power to shape our lives. They can either build us up or tear us down with a simple yes or no. The way we speak can convey regrets, sorrow, or guilt. Our words have the potential to damage friendships and relationships, including our relationship with ourselves.


Choosing to see others as God sees them can change everything. By offering encouragement from our hearts, we can embody the compassion of Jesus. When we refrain from making snap judgments based solely on appearance, we lower our guard against disappointment and pride and become more open to seeing things from a different perspective.


Words hold immense power. The way we express our emotions through text, email, or conversation can empower those around us. During times of stress or rush, the enemy hopes that we will lose control and speak words of darkness instead of offering uplifting light to our families, friends, and loved ones.


Encouraging others is not about waiting for a sign. Just as Jonathan befriended David without waiting for a sign, we can choose to uplift others without hesitation. Despite the unfavorable attitude of Jonathan's father, Saul, towards David, Jonathan used his words to bring light to the situation.


There will be moments when we must choose to prioritize the well-being of others. Since we all require encouragement, we should aim to uplift each other every day, rather than sparingly.


Who can you encourage today? When have you been encouraged at just the right time, and what did it mean to you?

When we encourage, we can live a life of freedom. A freedom from Jesus that gives us through His sacrifice.  In giving us an unparalleled joy to experience life to the fullest.


Dear God, we thank you for the gift of encouraging others through our words and deeds. Please help us to focus beyond ourselves and recognize those in need today. May our actions lead others to You. I choose to uplift others as you uplift me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.



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