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How Miriam Overcame Obstacles and Found Success: A Journey of Victory Steps


Living in transition may not be a tell-all show, but it can feel like one. You may not be satisfied with where you are and maybe expecting to enter a new phase. Perhaps, you feel like you have been facing obstacles in serving God. However, there is goodness to be found in these uncertain times. This is often where we can expect to see victories - lifting of our hearts, minds, and perspectives to God, where we believe in victory. Despite your dissatisfaction, you recognize that God is leading you toward a new destination. However, it feels like there is a hindrance preventing you from fully serving Him.

Amid these uncertain times, there is goodness to be found.

Miriam, a prophetess, and sister to Moses, played a significant role in one of the greatest transitions in history. Her story is found in Exodus. Miriam's prophecy brought victory to the nation of Israel when she foretold that her mother would give birth to a son who would deliver them. She named him Moses.

Miriam's heroic stance reappeared after the Parting of the Red Sea, where she led the women in a celebratory song and dance. They had their tambourines ready to praise God for the miracles they knew He would perform.

Let us embrace the uncertainty and look for the goodness that lies within. For it is in those moments that we can truly experience the lifting of heart, mind, and perspective, as we place our trust in God's plan for our lives.


Exodus 15:20-21 describes the joyous sound from the parting of the Red Sea. We do not sing when frightened, despairing, sleepy, or after a heavy meal. We sing when we're yearning for better times, celebrating an achievement, or anticipating a revelation. A song is a form of prayer, an attempt to rise above the petty cares of life and connect with one's source. It's a quest for redemption.

The beauty of victory is a sound that should not be forced but revived in the heart, giving honor to God - the one who saves and lives within our hearts. Like Miriam, you too may be facing a Red Sea parting season. Rejoice in knowing that victory is yours.

So let us remember Miriam's story and let us embrace our transitions with strength and faith. It is through those experiences that we discover our true potential and lead ourselves to a brighter future.


Servant Girl,





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