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Journey of Surrender: Finding Wholeness in God's Arms

Embarking on the journey of surrender often feels like there's no end in sight. It's like giving up bits and pieces of ourselves, exposing the raw edges of our hearts, only to find that they keep evolving. In this world we call time, it feels like time is slipping away, but in God's timing, there's no rush.

My surrender isn't a simple hand raise or a scripted prayer. It's messy, complex, filled with anger, sadness, and confusion. Yet, amid the chaos, there's a longing to wear the "S" of surrender proudly on my chest. God has a way of redeeming us, making the journey feel familiar, even when it's far from seamless.

There are moments when my surrender is shrouded in darkness or drowned out by silence. But in those moments, God's light breaks through, leading me to a place where I am no longer myself, but fully Him.

I know the struggle, and you might too. The fear of not knowing, the loss of control—it's daunting. But it's also where we find our greatest strength, where we become fully alive in the presence of the Father.

I invite you to press into the goodness of our Father, to surrender even when it's hard. It's not about perfection or pretty pictures on social media; it's about desperation and urgency, like the woman who reached out to touch Jesus' cloak after suffering for years.

Her surrender led to a miracle, and yours can too. Come to Jesus with your heart open, ready to receive. Release your pain, fear, and past, and watch as He meets you in the remnants of your surrender.

A Personal Spiritual Encounter

Would you be a woman who encounters Christ, whose heart is filled with His presence? Or would you settle for half-hearted surrender, unable to see beyond your pain?

Come to Jesus with your heart ready to receive. Release your pain, fear, hurts, and past, and you'll find Him waiting for you in the remnants of your surrender.


Servant Girl,




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